Create a Virtual Machine on VMware Workstation Pro

Creating a Virtual Machine in VMware is really simple you don’t have to do much once you have installed VMware Workstation in Windows 10, Simple, you have to open the VMware Workstation Pro Software, to Create a new virtual machine for the different operating system, and you can create virtual machine for macOS Sierra, macOS High Sierra, macOS Mojave, which is the latest version of macOS by Apple, and even you can create new virtual machine for different Microsoft Operating system, and Linux.

in this article, we will talk about creating a new virtual machine in VMware workstation Pro as a Windows user because we have installed VMware workstation Pro inside Windows 10. we don’t target any special operating system in this article this guide will be all operating systems, in the next article we may focus on creating a new virtual machine for a specific operating system because every operating system needs a different system requirement.

How to Create a New Virtual Machine in VMware Pro

To make it simple to understand we will not talk more about Virtualization Software and creating a new Virtual machine we directly start how to create a new virtual machine in VMware workstation pro inside Windows 10.

1: Open VMware workstation Pro

When you open VMware Workstation Pro, you have a decent look at VMware Workstation Pro, as below image.

VMware Workstation 15 Pro

2: Create a New Virtual Machine in VMware Pro

On the home page of VMware Workstation Pro, you will some some options from them you have to click on Create a New Virtual Machine.

3: Select the type of configuration

The configuration Process will start from this step, you have two types of configuration Typical and Custom, we are OK with typical configuration if you want to go with more advanced custom configuration you can select that as well.

virtual machine wizard

4: Select Guest Operating System

Guest Operating systems are those operating which you want to install in VMware Workstation Pro Virtual Machine, you can select an ISO file to be installed on this Virtual Machine. and even have the option to select the guest operating system later from the Virtual machine settings page.

We will attach the guest operating system letter to this virtual machine.

gest operating sysrem

5: Select Guest Operating System Types

Now it’s time to confirm which operating system you want to install on this virtual machine, you have options for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Apple macOS, VMware ESX, and others. make sure to select the exact operating which you want to install on this machine.

select operating system

6: Virtual Machine Name and Location

You have to provide a clear and desired name for your Guest Operating System that can help you in the future to access that easily and confirm the location where you want to store this virtual machine, we suggest you store all your virtual machines out of C Drive on any other drive and folder.

vm location

7: Attach Virtual Hard Disk

Every Operating system will need a hard drive to store the operating installation file so here we will select a 40 GB Virtual Hard Disk for our Guest Operating system, you can store the guest operating system file on a single file or multiple files but it is better and clear to select store virtual disk as a single file.

vm disk size

You are done with creating a new virtual machine in VMware workstation Pro in Windows 10, you can customize this Virtual machine as you desire like to increase the hard drive space and increase the RAM and Processor for your guest operating system if you want, click on customize hardware if not click on finish.

complete vm machine

it was that simple to create a new virtual machine in VMware workstation Pro inside Windows 10 now you can install any guest operating system in this virtual machine and enjoy using different operating systems on a single physical computer.

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