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Microsoft Windows XP was released back in 2001. After more than 2 decades, you will find users who are still using Windows XP, and this is one of the reasons why it is called the best OS. If you want to use this legendary OS on your system, then you are at the right place. Here you will get Windows XP SP3 original DVD file for free.

Windows XP SP3 ISO Download

Here you will use the direct link to download Windows XP. Windows XP is provided in ISO for the 64-bit systems. Since Windows XP SP3 is provided, you will find better performance and tons of new features. Don’t forget to use the same setup file for virtualization as well as to perform a clean installation, as the setup is provided in an untouched DVD file. It is original and free from any threat that can harm you. Use the link to download Windows XP SP3 ISO’s latest version for free.

Microsoft Windows XP SP3 ISO
Microsoft Windows XP SP3 ISO

Developer: Microsoft

License: Free Trial/Premium

Language: English

File Size: 617MB

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Windows XP Home & Professional

Windows XP Home and professional
Windows XP Home and professional

On 25 October 2001, Microsoft released Windows XP. Microsoft has released Windows XP in two different editions namely Windows XP Home and Windows XP Professional.

Windows XP was more focused on home-based users whereas Windows XP Professional was for IT experts. You will find even the performance and number of tools in Windows XP Home and Professional are different.

The home edition is light weighted with fewer features and tools. You will find it faster in terms of booting and hibernation.

You won’t find tools like backup programs, encrypted file system (EFS), remote control, or IIS on Windows XP Home but will probably find them on Professional.

As home users don’t use such tools on day to day basis, whereas an IT pro uses them.

Both editions have the same user interface. From appearance to desktop design, to the new taskbar with many improvements in the Start menu are observable. In Windows Explorer, you will find new features that also include total interface change with a new task pane.

The entire Windows XP interface has been upgraded; from navigation to icons and thumbnails, each and every section has been improved.

As compared to the previous version of Windows OS, you will performance as a major improvement. You will find both editions great in terms of performance and stability.

You will also find additional tools such as a built-in CD burner, Windows Media Player (also available on Windows XP Home), and Remote Desktop Access on Windows XP Professional.

Firewall and Windows Defender have been added to make your system secure. Now a wide range of hardware is supported by Windows XP.

In short, you will find Windows XP light weighted, with a great interface, and worthy to be called the successor of Windows ME and Windows 2000.

Numerous articles are available on the internet that state why Windows XP is so good, and why it was ahead of its time. If you have ever used Windows 2000 and Windows XP, then you can understand what am I trying to state here.

Windows XP SP3

Once you have downloaded the original Windows XP SP3 ISO file, then you can create a bootable USB of the setup too. However; for running the Windows, you will need at least 4 GB of RAM.

The Windows can be also used, if you have 2 GB still it is recommended to have 4 GB for smooth performance. Since Windows XP runs on 64-bit only, you are compelled to have a system with 64-bit architecture support.

You will also need a 1.8 GHz of processor. It is recommended to have Intel Core 2 Duo or Athlon II. For graphics, a Super VGA (800×600) is required.

Now use a third-party tool like Rufus to burn Windows XP SP3 on a USB which will be later used for performing a clean installation.

History of XP SP3

Microsoft released the first-ever Windows XP (both Home and Professional editions) back in 2001 as SP1. Later, in 2002 SP2 was released by Microsoft. In SP2, you will notice tons of bugs and security fixes with minor upgrades to the tools. And in 2008 the last version of Windows XP was released.

Windows XP SP3 was also released with security patches and bug fixes. However; you can also find features that were not available in SP1.

SP3 was released 1 year before the release of Windows 7 and was supported till April 2009. After 2009 Microsoft ended mainstream support for Windows XP. However; due to public demand, the support was extended till 2014.

Windows XP product key

Product key

If you have performed the installation of Windows XP, then you have reached the product key phase. In the product key, you are asked for a product key. You can get the product key either by buying from a retail store. Or get one from an online store.

Just you have to make sure that the online store is providing a genuine product key. Having product keys from shady sites can put your system at risk. So, try to purchase the product keys from a reliable site to perform the installation without any issue.

Installation of Windows XP

The installation of Windows XP is simple and easy to perform. Begin by downloading the Win XP DVD file from the link above. It is good to remind you that, the file provided above is a full standalone offline setup file of Windows XP SP3.

There are no such things as crack or malware which can harm your system. So, begin by downloading it.

Windows Installation
Windows Installation

Once the file is downloaded then you will burn it on a USB. After making your USB bootable, you are going to connect it to your system. Restart your system and boot the USB drive.

On booting, you will be asked “press any key to boot the USB”. Now press any key to boot the USB drive and begin the installation phase. You will be navigated through different phases to install Windows XP.

The installation might take about 30 minutes. After the installation got completed then you will disconnect your USB and restart it again. Now enjoy your Windows XP SP3 installed on your PC.

Features of Win XP

On the release of SP3, many major and minor upgrades were made. From fixing security patches to removing bugs; all the area of Windows XP has been enhanced. So, here are some of the changes that were made to Windows XP (SP3).

  • The startup speed and hibernation were improved.  
  • Now multitasking is a thing that can be performed even faster.
  • POSReady 2009 updates were provided.
  • Genuine Advantage Validation was added to the OS.
  • A newer version of Internet Explorer 8 was added. There was also the option to roll back to Internet Explorer 7 too.
  • Remote Desktop Connection 7 was added.
  • Remote Management 2.0 was added to Windows.
  • Microsoft has added the Device Driver Rollback tool.
  • Driver Framework 1.9 was added.
  • Feature Pack for Storage both Image Mastering API 2.0 and ICCD Smart Card Driver were added.
  • A newer version of Windows Installer (4.5) was added.
  • Support for exFAT formats was added.
  • Now there is also the European Union Expansion Font on Windows XP.
  • Improvements were made to audio too. Windows XP supports HD audio now.
  • A newer and better version of Windows Media Player was added.
  • Windows Update Web Control 7 was added to Windows.
  • And last but not least, Microsoft Update Web Control 7.6 was also added to Windows.
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